I worked with Infinite Uptime to develop a solution for their Industrial Customer that required a System to track and reward their operators based on their output and production quality.

To do this, I designed, developed and deployed WiFi Biometric devices that engaged the machine only when a known user logged in, and uploaded the user's identity on a cloud server.

By combining this data with productivity and quality data (already being tracked), Infinite Uptime would then provide the required insights to the Customer.

Industrial Gamification

The Admin UI - Settings

The Biometric Device

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The Biometric Device:

The Customer required me to provide Fingerprint Scanners that were very robust and able to withstand physically harsh Industrial conditions.

I developed the Biometric Devices with some specific Industrial requirements in mind. The device had to be:

  • Robust & Shopfloor-friendly
  • Lean and cost-effective
  • WiFi enabled & API capable
  • Remotely configurable
  • Able to interact with Machine Controllers

The result was a lean Biometric Device mounted within a Sheet Metal enclosure. To avoid the high cost and size of integrating a keypad and screen on the device and increase the physical robustness, I implemented my Offloaded UI concept here and designed these Device without any UI elements on their Hardware (like keypads or screens). This helped me reduce the number of assembled parts within the Device, adding to robustness.

For the primary use-case of logging in and logging out, we provided push buttons with status indicator LEDs on the device. For the occasional Admin use-cases, we provided an 'Admin Mode' button that created an Access Point and served a webpage for changing Device & API Settings, Network Settings and Managing Users. If the intended WiFi network was not found, it went into Admin Mode with a corresponding status indication automatically to prompt changes in the WiFi Settings.

The timestamped operator login identities were pushed in real-time and linked to the production and quality tracking system already in use on the (Infinite Uptime) Cloud. This allowed each Operator to earn points based on their production output.

The Biometric Device provided a Relay-based outputs to the Machine Controller to engage it once a known Operator was logged in.

Currently there are 21 such devices in use across 2 large Manufacturing Plants in Pune, enabling operator rewards based on production and quality data.

I led a team including a PCB Developer, a CAD Designer and a Fabricator on this Project. We closely worked with the Customer as well as Infinite Uptime team to define and finally deploy the product. My role was interacting with the Customer and the Infinite Uptime team, defining the Biometric Device, developing the hardware with my team and designing the Firmware.

This experience let me understand the approach of manufacturing industries to products and solutions. Working directly with this Customer also helped me realize the value of the 80-20 rule, and it's importance in the manufacturing industry.

A UX designer's study of Industrial Gamification

Infinite Uptime, an Industrial Solution provider

The Biometric Device prototype

The Biometric Device installed at a Machine

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