During my freelancing and product development work, I realized that a number of opportunities for problem-solving go neglected in niche areas like agriculture, education and energy management.

The reason for this is that large solution providers find these applications inviable due to limited volumes and demand. Developing and deploying a product or service for a limited market does not seem feasible in such cases.

So in early 2018 I started setting up a Product Development Studio with an online store that creates products for these niche applications and works with the Maker Community to make focused problem-solving feasible.

Biz-Model considerations

Device Interactions, my brand


Device Interactions works towards creating feasible ways of solving focused problems by leveraging technology, ideas and unconventional thinking. This is what we do towards that goal:

  1. Conceptualize and build Products
  2. Share development know-how with Makers
  3. Provide development tools to Makers that help them build tech Products
  4. Constantly learn and push our own capabilities

The world is changing fast, and my way of contributing to it is by getting all my ideas out into tangible products and helping other people with them.

Since 2017, Device Interactions has provided Automation Systems to Showrooms, helped clients with Product Development and offered development tools and tutorials via its online resources.

We have a number of Products planned and numerous ideas in the pipeline. The WiFi Electrical Scheduler is our first stand-alone product, launching in May 2018.

Our online resources:

Development Tools

The WiFi Electrical Scheduler

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