I believe that automating some basic responsibilities in the behaviour of a Device or System (here a Building) is important, to be able to further implement a higher level of intelligence in them.

There is a massive opportunity to save energy in buildings, simply by detecting and eliminating instances of overused Lighting and HVAC.

I developed a System to automate efficient energy usage in common areas of Commercial Buildings.

The Project

A Lighting Actuator

Actuators controlling existing Lighting circuits

Connected Motion Sensors

I demonstrated this in underground parking lots of large Commercial Buildings, where the majority of vehicular and human activity is concentrated at specific times in the morning and evening, but the Lighting is used throughout the day.

With support from the Builder, I deployed a system to automatically control Lighting based on the location of activity within the Parking Lot, by using data from a cluster of motion sensors. This system used Electrical Actuator Nodes and Sensors connected over a WiFi network.

The Lighting Actuators took control of the individual Lights. I divided the Parking area into Zones based on common use cases. The the Sensors were then installed on the ceiling within the Zones, and instant Lighting responses were configured accordingly.

So in Zones where no activity was detected, the Lights automatically switched off to save energy, and came back on if nearby activity was detected.

This ensured that the Lights were used only where needed, reducing the Lighting consumption by about 50%.

The experience of the building controlling it's own resources based on it's own data fascinated me. This implied that the building took some of the responsibility for it's own energy consumption and autonomously controlled it.

I realized that, sharing some basic behavioural responsibility with a device or system (here switching lights based on activity), changes the User's relationship with the system and makes his role more supervisory than applied, allowing him to have higher-level interactions with it.

I deployed this System with my Device Interactions Team. It took us 3 months to set up the first System, as we encountered and overcame numerous challenges. This System is currently live in 2 Buildings in Pune.

Parking Lots use a lot of energy for Lighting

The System in action

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