I worked with a number of Showrooms, Buildings and Offices to automate the management of their Electrical resources in order to save Energy.

Here I noticed that the usage of a majority of these resources were time-bound, and that most of the excess Energy usage happened because of the human error involved in managing them.

I developed an electric switch device that uses the accurate Internet Clock to automatically schedule the operation of any Electrical Equipment connected through it.

Electrical resources in Retail

The Scheduler Concept

The Scheduler

The User Interface

The Scheduler uses available WiFi networks to connect to the Internet and keep track of the time based on the user's timezone.

It provides a simple User Interface over an inbuilt HTTP Server that allows the user to modify network settings, add WiFi network details and add or remove schedules. It allows access to users through Browsers on their Phones and Laptops.

The GUI for setting Schedules is designed as a week-planner layout, where the user can easily select the duration of the schedule, the desired behaviour during that period, and also choose to repeat that schedule for selected days in a week.

The Scheduler is an easy, plug-and-play device that provides configurable time-based Electrical Switches, that can be connected to any Equipment to automate its behaviour.

We designed the Scheduler keeping applications like Retail Lighting, Signage, Outdoor Lighting, Street-lighting and Irrigation in mind.

The Scheduler

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