I got started with Robotics when I participated in some College Technical Competitions in my 2nd year of College.

The Line Follower

I built my first Autonomous Robot when I participated in 'Axis', the Technical Festival in my College in 2013. I built a Line Follower that ran through the Arena and counted the number white spots along the path.

I participated in the IIT Bombay Techfest competition for Line Follower Robots in 2014.

The Arena was a 7X7 grid with white lines on a black background. The task was to navigate to the grid and then to a particular point on the it (x,y). The co-ordinates of the point were based on the number of white lines along the path leading to the grid, and had to be calculated on the go.

I built a Line Follower Robot using an Atmega 16 Microcontroller and some IR Emmiter/Receiver pairs. I used a Motor Driver circuit to control the Robot movement and ran some Microcontrooller logic to help the Robot navigate based on the IR readings.

In both competitions, I worked with a College batchmate who had worked with AVR Microcontrollers before. Through this experience, I learnt some hands-on Microcontroller Development and Circuit Designing.

My First Line Follower (VNIT, 2013)

Testing the Sensors (IITB, 2014)

Mock Run (IITB, 2014)

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