Pencil sketches often tell a story. My idea was to be able to physically experience that story.

I made some pencil sketches on my bedroom walls that physically responded to me touching them.

The sketches toggled an electric light in response to Touch and tried to demonstrate how a viewer could experience something as simple as a pencil scribble.

The Project

I made use of the fact that human skin is slightly conductive. So on touching two ends of a circuit, a small amount of current is allowed to pass through the skin.

I used a Relay driven by a MOSFET and set up two circuits for the MOSFET Gate, each with two open points:

  1. Gate and Vcc
  2. Gate and Gnd
I drew the shapes of the touch points in a way that ensured that the User's finger bridged the two open points of a circuit. So touching the open points of Circuit 1 triggered the MOSFET Gate and switched ON the Relay and Circuit 2 switched it OFF.

I connected the Bulb to the mains through the Relay.

So touching certain parts of the pencil sketch actually switched the Light ON and OFF.

The concept of being able to add physical interactivity to a sketch completely changed my perception of art. There is so much more to express through art if it can actually interact with a viewer.

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