I prorotyped IRIS as my Thesis Project for Electrical Engineering.

My goal was to find alternative ways to interact with Electrical Systems, and I explored the use of Augmented Reality for this.

I built a System using a webcam by which a live video stream on a PC screen could be used as an Interface to control some Bulbs. So clicking on a bulb actually toggled it ON and OFF and this was visible on the video stream as well. Hovering the cursor over each Bulb on the interface displayed some information about it.

Concept demo

The Project

Project Demo 1
Project Demo 2

I built this using an Arduino Uno, a Relay Board, a webcam and some Processing code for the UI.

The webcam was connected to a Laptop.

The Processing sketch grabbed the video stream from the webcam and displayed it in a window. Simultaneously, the Processing sketch ran some basic logic on each frame of the video and determined the location of each bulb within it.

It created a clickable area around the centre of each bulb in the video. Clicking on any of the bulbs sent a Serial command to the Arduino Uno, which toggled the corresponding Bulb via the Relay Board.

This allowed a User to interact with actual Electrical Devices with simulated physical contact.

I plan to further implement this concept on wearables like Google Glasses to enable interactions with Devices by looking at them, or overlaying information over detected objects for an AR experience.

I worked independently on most of this project with a teammate, under the guidance of my Professor.

Honors and Future

I represented my College with this Project at the Festival of Innovations held by the National Innovation Foundation in the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, 2015. IRIS was selected for display at the Event.

This project was especially interesting to work on, and made me think about how cameras could identify specific individual objects using markers through Image Processing, and how physically interacting with devices would affect gaming.

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