I worked on enhancing the CCTV System of a villa in a burglary-prone area. I deployed a System that used external Sensors with the existing CCTV System to grab an image of the lobby and notify the User whenever presence was sensed there at night.

The Project

The Pi

The Motion Sensors

I worked on this project with a team-mate who specialized in software development. I learned immensely from it.

We used a Raspberry Pi to stream all the CCTV footage from the User's DVR. Over an Ethernet connection, we were able to grab the feed from all the connected Cameras.

I set up some PIR Sensors in the front lobby to detect motion and connected them to the Pi over WiFi. The Sensors instantly notified the Pi of any motion in the Lobby.

The Backend on the Raspberry Pi continuously monitored the CCTV stream. On receiving a message from the Sensors, it took a snapshot and emailed it to the Home Owner and he was able to see who was at the door.

We then built an Android App to remotely monitor this system. The Pi grabbed the image of the person at the lobby and pushed it to the App as a notification.

I added a Schedule feature on the App, which let the user to choose what time he wanted the notifications. He scheduled the System to be active at night.

We were able to easily customize which camera to grab the snapshot from, based on which Motion Sensor was triggered.

We were lucky to have an enthusiastic Customer, and be able to help him and his family with our work.

This was one of the projects that helped me learn my way through Networking, Protocols, the Raspberry Pi and some Hybrid App Development. Here I worked mainly on the Hardware setup, but also contributed to some of the Raspberry Pi code and parts of the Mobile App as well. This was a great opportunity to get started with some new areas in development.

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