I participated in the MIT Media Lab Design Innovation Workshop in Mumbai in 2014.

I was in the Interaction Futures track and my group consisted of a Designer (Vibhas), a Computer Science student (Amit), an Artist (Shobhan), an MBA student (Hiren) and an Engineering student (me). I worked on the Electronics and some of the Design in this project.

Our track guides were Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley.

The Idea

We wanted our project to express our oneness with our surroundings, and artistically demonstrate that our actions outlive us. "The world dances with the dancer and keeps dancing even after the dancer stops".

We wanted to make real 'mass-bearing things' move, not just create a projection or a simulation.

Pianorama was a satin covered wall which rippled and played musical notes in response to how it was touched. It physically responded to how someone played with it.

We built our Project in 5 days and received some amazing responses from visitors on the Demo Day.


We built the demonstration by setting up a large wooden frame and covering it with satin.

We then lined ten CPU fans behind the satin along the length of the frame and hooked them up to big 12 volt batteries. The fans were controlled by a Mosfet circuit wired up on a breadboard placed behind the frame.

We used some Makey-Makeys to make the satin touch responsive. We used these signals to trigger the corresponding fans.

The result was a large satin curtain rippling with a melody as you moved your hand along it.

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