About me

I'm a curious design-oriented maker trying to find better ways of doing things. I am specifically interested in how people interact with the Digital World. I conceptualize, design, rapid-prototype and develop products, concepts and ideas. I have worked on independent projects, self-backed products as well as offered prototyping and development services to other tech entities. With my team in Pune I have created 13 product-based solutions so far.

While studying Engineering, I discovered my passion for developing, building and prototyping new ways of interacting with devices and expressing ideas through art. I am an avid musician and a fan of Altern and Classic Rock. I play drums and contribute to songwriting with my band.

In 2015, I co-founded and co-developed a startup called Phaneron, providing enhanced User Experiences for Smart Homes. Phaneron was active for about 18 months. I developed some Industrial Products in early 2017, working as a Freelance Product Developer and learning as much as I could.

In December 2017, I started my Product Development Lab, Device Interactions, and its vision is to enable people to do more through Ideas, Creativity and Design. We are a team of enthusiastic engineers, trying to make positive differences in people's lives with our work.

Creative Work

I play drums and contibute to compositions, arrangements and songwriting. I'm a huge fan of Rock Music, it's energy and it's ability to emotionally connect. I also did some artwork during College.

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Drums, Writing / Dark Inception

I formed Dark Inception with two close friends in College. We participated in numerous competitions, performed in College events and composed some original material.

We each brought a different style of music to the band, and explored them in our jam sessions and compositions.

Emperor's Lament is one of our first songs, and talks about how ego and power blinds us, through the experiences of a ruthless Emperor. It is inspired by the story of Emperor Ashoka.

'Emperor's Lament' - demo
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Emperor's Lament - Lyrics

Call of tyranny
Cold in apathy
Set the legions free
Hell ascending

Watching through the fray
Screams in disarray
Mercy kept at bay

Earth is soaked in red
Wounded left for dead
Broken spirited
Never mending

Innocence ensnared
Not a soul to spare
Eyes alight with fear
Death impending

Behemoth, the onslaught of tyranny
Genocide of the vanquished enemy

Living out the prophecy upon the scrolls
Striking down, brings the exodus of souls

Streams of gore auburn in the rising sun
Fortuitous cleansing has now begun

On his knees, the ruler of a million men
Rising from the ashes just to burn again

Chosen one, heir to the apocalypse
Broken soul with nothing left to remenisce

Vanity bleeds him to the bitter end
Humanity worthless to the opulent

Light of hope, the angels are beckoning
Dark despair to the time of reckoning

Exorcise the demons that have possessed
Let this bloody massacre be laid to rest

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Drums / Mellowrath

After shifting back to Pune in 2015, I met some musicians looking for a Drummer for their new Band. I liked their Nu-Metal/Groove-Metal compositions and joined as the Drummer.

The Songs in Mellowrath dealt with psychological subjects. We played at local events and competitions and composed several originals. We were active together till mid 2016.

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Drums / Halanth

Halanth is a Rock Band from Pune, and they are very active in the local music scene.

I was invited as the Drummer for their Christmas Concert in 2015. We played a 2 hour show in a Mall, mostly covers of popular Rock songs.

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Poster Design / Axis (Tech Festival) 2013

I contributed to some artwork for Axis, the Technical Festival at VNIT. I designed a teaser poster of the event.

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Tshirt Design / Consortium (Entrepreneurship Festival) 2014

I designed some TShirts for College events in VNIT.

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